Warrior Coxswain Shoes - Brown



The Coxswain crosses professional-level recovery tech with the classiest boat shoe finish. The Yacht Club-ready look hides a ridiculously easy-to-wear bungee fitting and collapsible heel for slip-on simplicity. Inside; a ribbed insole increases blood flow to battle-weary feet; and the featherweight injected foam mid-sole is ultra-cushy ? plus it'll float if you get chucked overboard. Mesh venting airs out your funk; and the whole kit is machine washable with a non-marking outsole. Warrior made looking good as easy as possible; the rest is up to you; player. Insole: Ribbed; recovery insole massages your underfoot to stimulate blood flow Alleviating sore muscles and aiding in cramp prevention Mid-sole: Super light weight IMEVA (injected foam) creates added comfort and flexibility Mid-sole floats in case the product goes overboard Upper: Engineered for breathability with air mesh toe box tongue and heel Collapsible heel conveniently allows for easy entry for all the lazy shoe wearers out there Bungie creates a slip-on form fitting upper that you never have to tie

Warrior Coxswain Shoes - Brown Review

I thought it doesnt work because it is so quiet. Execelent product from Warrior with many addons such as Warrior Coxswain Shoes - Brown.