Si-Tex B744V Thru-Hull Triducer



The B744V Triducer Multisensor provides you with depth, speed, and temperature in one thru-hull housing. This unit is ideal for all 600-watt fishfinders and requires only a single hole in the hull. The B744Vs valve assembly prevents water from rushing into the hull when the insert is removed for cleaning or storage. The innovative housing design allows the triducer multisensor to be fully recessed into its custom high-performance fairing. The end result is a streamlined installation. At speeds above 30 knots (34 MPH) , the B744V will produce clear images and solid bottom tracking. Transducer Features: Thru-Hull Bronze Housing Frequency: 50/200 kHz Cone: 45/12 Maximum depth range: 50 kHz - 800 to 1,200; 200 kHz - 400 to 700 Greatly improved high-speed performance at both 50 kHz and 200 kHz when installed with a high-performance fairing Self-closing sea valve reduces water flow.

Si-Tex B744V Thru-Hull Triducer Review

I had previously bought the additional at Overton's. I loved Si-Tex B744V Thru-Hull Triducer! I look forward to purchasing Si-Tex additional in even more colors.