Scion - Taimi Oxford Pillowcase



Add bold design to your sleep space with this Taimi Oxford Pillowcase from Scion. Its crisp white 100% cotton percale has been adorned by a striking lino-cut stripe and circle design, and will bring visual pattern to muted interior spaces. Finished in a vibrant colour palette with navy piping, and with a 5cm flat border, its elegant styling makes this pillowcase a fabulous addition to any home. Key features: * Single pillowcase * Material: 100% cotton percale * Dimensions: 74x48cm * 180 thread count * Lino cut stripe & circle design * Vibrant colour palette * Navy piping * Finished by 5cm flat border * Machine washable

Scion - Taimi Oxford Pillowcase Review

Finally I found this Scion - Taimi Oxford Pillowcase, thanks god. It has really good lasting. Scion - Taimi Oxford Pillowcase requires almost no maintaince.