Rarest Gem Unicorns Of The World Handcrafted Figurine Collection



Many of the world's rarest gemstones enjoy a storied history of mystical powers. So what better symbol to represent these coveted jewels than the most storied creature in all of ancient myth - the unicorn. Now you can embark on an enchanted journey and blend the magical allure of fantasy with the dazzling color of the most prized and precious gemstones with the Rarest Gem Unicorns of the World Figurine Collection from acclaimed artist Blake Jensen, a first-ever only from The Hamilton Collection. Your rarest gem unicorn figurine collection begins with Issue One, The Magic of the Amethyst. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two, Magic of the Sapphire, followed by Issue Three, Magic of the Ruby. Each issue will arrive separately... After you've acquired Issue Three, you will receive the remaining seven unicorn figurines along with a custom-designed curio display as Issue Four, so you can enjoy and display your entire collection without having to wait. You will be billed for each remaining figurine and the display one at a time at the same low issue price (plus shipping and service) .Each exquisite unicorn figurine in this collection is inspired by a vividly hued gem and by the brilliant original drawings of Blake Jensen. All unicorn figurines are handcrafted by Master Artisans of sparkling translucent crystalline that emulates the sparkling, faceted allure of the rare gem it represents. A swirl of frosted crystalline floats around each creature, plus a shiny mirrored base adds even more magic to each unicorn's ethereal setting. The custom-built display is specially designed to beautifully showcase all ten of your figurines and can be hung on a wall or placed on a tabletop. Fierce demand is anticipated for these dazzling unicorn collectibles, so don't wait. Order now!

Rarest Gem Unicorns Of The World Handcrafted Figurine Collection Review

Rarest Gem Unicorns Of The World Handcrafted Figurine Collection ROCKS! I ordered this additional and Im very much satisfied!