Poncho Liner in ACU



This poncho liner consists of rip-stop nylon outershell encasing a polyester loft filling. With ties. GI government issued style. Fits under many ponchos. Originating in the United States military intended to provide warmth in mild temperatures used as an expedient sleeping bag when attached to the standard issue poncho. Troops generally hold the poncho liner (aka woobie) in high regard, as a very useful piece of equipment, light and yet reasonably warm. Great for a throw blanket at home, hunting or football games. ACU Digital Camouflage - GI type poncho liner (Rip-stop nylon) . Dimensions: 62"" x 82"" (inches)

Poncho Liner in ACU Review

So I think the Poncho Liner in ACU was okey, but it's not as impressive as I hooped. Price can be lower too.