NEW UUC Motorwerks BMW Underdrive Pulley Set UDPE46



Replacement accessory pulleys for the water pump and power steering pump that use less engine power gains of 5-11hp. Kit includes a new accessory belt. A cars engine does many things other than just making the car move. Power is used to run the various accessories like the water pump power steering pump and alternator. All of these use horsepower horsepower that is lost. Power that could be making the car faster. Each accessory uses rotary power - each accessory is turned to perform its function whether its an electrical component (the alternator) or a fluid displacing component (the water pump and power steering pump) . They all have a pulley which takes power from the crankshaft pulley via a belt. Some of the engine accessories take more power than they really need dramatically affecting engine performance. Driving these accessories at higher rpm is a waste of energy running it at a much higher rate than it needs to for optimum effectiveness. This is energy which could be put toward acceleration instead. Whats an underdrive pulley? An underdrive pulley is a replacement accessory pulley that bolts up the same as stock but has a different size (ratio) and material specifications intended to free up lost horsepower. By increasing the diameter of each accessory pulley the speed at which the accessories are turning relative to engine RPM decreases. Does this actually make horsepower? Underdriving the accessories does not add power to the engine it frees up the power that is normally wasted on overdriven accessories. The theory is that a larger pulley will drive the accessories slower thus reducing their parasitic horsepower loss. No more power total but more power sent to the wheels. As an additional benefit the reduction in wear (less usage) on the accessories due to the lower duty cycles can extend the life of these parts. However a look at each pulley-driven system under the hood will tell you why it isnt as simple as just a bigger pulley. Which accessories can I underdrive? Of the four accessories that can be underdriven with a larger drive pulley one is electrical (the alternator) and two are fluid pumps (the water pump and the power steering pump) . The fourth is a compressor (the air conditioning unit) . UUC Motorwerks Ultimate Underdrive Pulley set provides replacement pulleys for the water pump and power steering pump. What abut the weight? Some companies have been marketing replicas of UUCs original pulley design but advertising them as superior due to light weight. This clearly shows these replica manufacturers do not have an understanding of the underdrive concept. Weight reduction is not a factor in producing power with underdrive pulleys. The gain comes from reducing the accessory speed not from less rotating mass. Why does UUC offer accessories pulleys instead of a replacement crankshaft pulley? At UUC Motorwerks our goal is improvement of the total performance envelope. We dont want to prov

NEW UUC Motorwerks BMW Underdrive Pulley Set UDPE46 Review

NEW UUC Motorwerks BMW Underdrive Pulley Set UDPE46 changed my view on my leisure time. Just for 228.99 it is cool companion in our household.