Kohler K-97628-SHP - 54 Shower Bar



For use with KOHLER Choreograph wall panels.Provides a stable point of contact in the shower.Slim, flat profile doubles as shower storage space.300 lbs. of support. Mounting brackets slide along bar to ease installation.Installation hardware included.Add optional K-97629 Teak Tray (sold separately) for dedicated product staging space on the barre.Anodized aluminum with integrated finished matched caps for easy cleaning and to coordinate with faucet finishes. :

Kohler K-97628-SHP - 54 Shower Bar Review

I've only had this Kohler K-97628-SHP - 54 Shower Bar for about two weeks. I suppose I'll have to play with it some more to get the feel for it. In the meantime, it satisfies my need for a bathroom safety & accessibilty