FlexCutA (R) Knife Strop



Flexcut's leather Knife Strop features a generous 2-inch x 8-inch stropping surface designed to keep your knife, chisel and plane blades razor sharp. Simply strop your blade away from the cutting edge on both sides to maintain a beautiful burr-free edge. The Flexcut Knife Strop not only works nicely with carving knives, chisels and small plane blades, but also with kitchen knives and pocketknives, including the Detail Jack, Whittlin' Jack and the TriJack Pro. You can clamp it to your bench or use it freehand. It includes a 1 oz. bar of Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound, which is rubbed onto the strop to provide the finest mirror-like finish.Features: Genuine leather stropFlat, sturdy construction2-inch x 8-inch stropping surface also works with many plane blades and chisels

FlexCutA (R) Knife Strop Review

The transport was done quick , the additional look like on the image , pretty good quality, I wouldn't mind buying from the same manufacturer again.