EyePal Peep Sight, Pistol & Bow Kit



Glasses are not included. EyePal peep sight Pistol/bow Focuses your eye Go from fuzzy to sharp vision Use with iron sights (not optical devices) Slips onto your reading glasses to make the sights sharp Also useful for shooters with 20/20 vision...focuses the eye and limits peripheral distractions* Naturally clings to your lens...no adhesives! Approved by NRA CMP National Trophy Pistol and Rifle Match Competition 2 pistol/bow EyePals (secured in a durable contact lens case) Perfect vision with Rx lenses, contacts, safety glasses and sunglasses Includes a 2-sided reusable contact lens container with 2 pistol EyePals (also works with bows) How the EyePal works: Small EyePal aperture provides max depth of focus EyePal aperture produces depth of field with sights and targets at any distance in focus from 10" to 1000+ yards Small image travels undistorted thru the lens of reading glasses and your eye's pupil Peripheral vision is obscured by the large black area of the EyePal, creating enough contrast for good sight and target acquisition* Peripheral vision is maintained for situational and tactical awareness* Directions for use: Remove EyePal from container Press EyePal onto clean lens of glasses Adjust EyePal to find the perfect location on your glasses *These statements may seem at odds with each other, so EyePal's inventor provided this clarification: "The peripheral vision immediately surrounding the image of the target/game is obscured. Outside of that small area is the much larger area of the remaining peripheral vision -- all the way to the limit of youri 1/2 field of view. You can 'see' that unobscured peripheral vision while aiming." See clearly instantly! Functions like a peep sight. Put the EyePal on the lens of your reading glasses and watch as your iron sights come into sharp focus. Beside seeing the target clearly, both sights will be sharp, too.

EyePal Peep Sight, Pistol & Bow Kit Review

I was looking for a stylish additional for my mother. So I came across this EyePal Peep Sight, Pistol & Bow Kit, its very low-cost and looks goody-goody . Once I received it I pulled it out to look at it and it is so gorgeous and sparkles.