Cuckoo Clock: Spirited Shih Tzus Cuckoo Clock



They're darling beyond compare, a companion you bond with like no other. Sweet little Shih Tzus certainly make every moment more fun! Now, you can celebrate these precious pups with the endearing Spirited Shih Tzus Cuckoo Clock, a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. This timekeeping treasure features the charming artwork of beloved award-winning artist Linda Picken with two of her most beloved portraits of the sweet Shih Tzu on a custom-crafted cuckoo clock inspired by traditional designs. Exquisitely crafted, the wooden body on this cuckoo clock is shaped like a chalet and filled with details you're sure to enjoy! Sculpted roses frame the main image of two elegant friends while another full-length portrait of a Shih Tzu charmer is the centerpiece of the clock face, which also features Roman numerals and golden hands. To keep you on time with sitting, staying and going, the precise quartz movement and swinging brass-toned pendulum, flanked by decorative pine cone weights, keep time ticking right along. Plus, on the hour, a punctual Shih Tzu cuckoo appears from behind the shuttered doors with a cheerful bark! Strong demand is expected for this Linda Picken cuckoo clock, so order now!

Cuckoo Clock: Spirited Shih Tzus Cuckoo Clock Review

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