Collectible USMC Perpetual Calendar: USMC Wall Decor



Not a single day goes by that the Watch Dogs of freedom aren't on alert. Now you can pay tribute to the dedication of the military's finest with a custom-crafted USMC perpetual calendar with Devil Dog figurines. This exclusive collection from The Bradford Exchange features fully sculptural figurines of the most loyal of mascots, the USMC Devil Dog, for every month of the year, beginning with Issue One, a set of two Devil Dog figurines representing the most current months. Soon after, you'll be able to display your dogs proudly with Issue Two, the wood calendar display - a $75 value for the same low issue price - and including 55 custom date and special occasion tiles. Your collection will continue with additional sets of two Devil Dog figurines, each set a separate issue, to follow.Bring home this special USMC wall decor and start a new yearly tradition of displaying the top dog in the coveted spot of honor when its month arrives. Each of the 12 individually handcrafted and hand-painted figurines features the famed Devil Dog in various uniforms and poses to display a different aspect of U.S. Marine life. Plus, your USMC perpetual calendar features a sculpted USMC symbol at the top and is painted in deep tones of Marine dress blues. It even has individual shelves for each figurine that bear familiar mottos on golden title plates. The perfect Marine tribute calendar for your home or a unique and collectible Marine Corps gift for someone special. Strong demand is expected. Order now!

Collectible USMC Perpetual Calendar: USMC Wall Decor Review

I red all reviews of Collectible USMC Perpetual Calendar: USMC Wall Decor before my purchase and I was not sure, but The Bradford Exchange products are excelent!