Cire Trudon - La Promeneuse Oil Burner



Enrich your interior with soothing scents using the La Promeneuse oil burner from Cire Trudon. Designed to diffuse the fragrances of Cire Trudon, this oil burner works by heating the brand's wax cameos from beneath. Place the night light candle upon the ceramic base before enclosing with the beautifully crafted and grooved antique Italian glass. The brass structure holds the ceramic dish for burning the cameos. The scented wax cameo should be placed on the brass spoon to facilitate a quick removal and change of fragrances. With a burn time of 8 hours, this oil burner will release refreshing fragrances into the air once lit. The La Promeneuse oil burner comes complete with 4 cameos and 4 night lights to fill your home with enticing fragrances time and time again. Key features: * Oil burner * Material: ceramic, brass, wax * Burn time: 8 hours * Diffuses emblematic fragrances * Tinted old-gold glass exterior * Designed for burning Cire Trudon cameos * Pack includes 4 cameos & 4 night lights * Designed in collaboration with Pauline Deltour

Cire Trudon - La Promeneuse Oil Burner Review

Cire Trudon has usually good products, and this lawn & garden called Cire Trudon - La Promeneuse Oil Burner is not an exception. It's one of best product around this price.