Blackburn 2'Fer USB Light 2 Pack



Each of theBlackburn 2'Fer USB 2-Pack Bike Lights has a front or rear functionality, letting you grab one or the other and quickly mount them on your bike without having to think about which one goes where! With the push of a button, the 2'Fer can switch between a white 60 lumen front light or a red 20 lumen rear light. Holding the button for two seconds turns the light on and off. Pushing the button once changes modes between solid or flashing. And the lights remember, turning back on in the last mode used. Easy-to-use silicone mounts allow the 2'Fer lights to be mounted to a variety of handlebars and seat posts. And the included cable lets you keep your lights charged and ready for the next ride. The 2'Fer bike lights feature 180Adeg bezels for maximum side visibility and enhanced safety while you're on the road. Each light can switch from solid to flashing or red to white for maximum versatility Versatile silicone mounts Charging cable included 180Adeg bezels maximize side visibility and safety .

Blackburn 2'Fer USB Light 2 Pack Review

The Blackburn 2'Fer USB Light 2 Pack was a gift for teenage son. He always wanted sports & outdoors. It is his favorite color. He loves it. It shipped as expected and works well.