Assouline - Survival Kit: Design Book



Kick-back and unwind with the Survival Kit: Lifestyle book collection from Assouline. Including four fabulous design books, they are all packaged in a first aid inspired box which is a welcome addition to any coffee table. These books focus solely on the life and works of world renowned designers Jean-Michael Frank, Le Corbusier, Pierre Paulin & Raymond Loewy. Each inspiring in their own unique, ways they demonstrate how they have each shaped the design world and how they continue to influence new designs today. Key features: * Cover: hardcover * Dimensions: H40xW40cm (box) * Length: 80 pages, 60 illustrations (each book) * Set includes: * Jean-Michel Frank by Francois Baudot * Le Corbusier by Elisabeth Vedrenne * Pierre Paulin by Elisabeth Vedrenne * Raymond Loewy by Phillippe Tretiack * Displayed in a stylish red & white survival gift box * More inspiring literature available from Assouline

Assouline - Survival Kit: Design Book Review

I had various blade knives from Assouline, but Assouline - Survival Kit: Design Book seems the world-class!