16-inch Clip Rail



This 16-inch steel rail provides a convenient parking spot for up to three tool pouches with an open belt clip (sold separately below) . No need to pack your tools back into your toolbox when you're done with the pouch, just leave it on the rail where the tools are always visible and within easy reach. When it's time to use them again, just slip the appropriate pouch onto your belt. The rail is pre-drilled 16-inch on center for easy attachment to a stud wall or to the side of your workbench.Technical Details:Steel with black painted finish.Use with Rockler tool pouches, tape measures, or any tool pouch with an open belt clip.Pre-drilled 16-inch on center for easy attachment to a stud wall or to the side of your workbench.Ends can be overlapped for a continuous series of rails.Tool pouches and accessories sold separately.Mounting hardware included.About the Rockler Tool Pouches (sold separately) :Rockler tool pouches feature a metal spring clip, making them easy to slip on or off of any ordinary belt. They are offered in a range of styles to accommodate common woodworking operations such as gluing, marking and measuring. As you go from layout, to gluing up panels, to final assembly, you'll have just the tools you need, and no excess weight to slow you down. Of course, since the system is modular, it also lets you add on as needed for the ultimate -inchutility belt.-inch

16-inch Clip Rail Review

I red all reviews of 16-inch Clip Rail, before my purchase and all were positive!